Over the past decade, I have helped maintain and design large public university websites focusing mainly on front-end web design. I collaborate with staff at all levels in person and remotely to create web content and design web pages. In my time as a Web Specialist, I have created several full web prototypes for desktop and mobile, created a myriad of digital assets, and also dabble in training for website editors.
As a graphic designer, I started a client-based freelance design business which I have been managing for 7 years. I remotely collaborate with individuals, artists, and small businesses to create digital marketing collateral and print media. My illustration experience has allowed me to create digital stock products for end users and designers alike. Managing this business has been invaluable for building remote and collaborative skills and stretching my experience as a designer and illustrator.
I graduated with a degree in Art History so visual art has always been in my blood. My skills are 100% self-taught with over a decade of experience, constant experimentation, and late-night creative jam sessions. I've pretty much tried it all from building web pages to traditional nib and ink calligraphy. For all the things I've thrown at the wall, only a handful have stuck. My true passion lies in illustration and print. I like to draw, practice calligraphy, and create print media I can hold in my hands. 
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